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Do Golf Training Aids Really Work?

It’s shocking to see ads for GOLF Training Aids that promise an instant fix for multiple swing problems. Of course, those ads are designed to get your attention. It really would be wonderful if all of their promises could instantly or ever come true.

I really admire the golf instructor who is promoting a wrist “clicking” device that will solve problems for “90% of golfers who struggle with mis-hits like fat shots, thin shots and shanks.” That really is an amazing promise. His offer is a solution for your poor “wrist position”. Of course, you need a flat or slightly bowed wrist on your down swing, but you also need the right posture, ball position, weight transfer, shoulder orientation, head position, hip and shoulder rotation and it all has to happen in a specific sequence in order to hit the sweat spot with the correct launch angle.

His offer promises consistently flush contact on ever shot and his promises continue on and on. That’s the dream of every golfer. I’m just using this ad as an example of the wonderful image that advertising creates in order to make a sale. If the ad was 50% true then most of their customers would be scratch golfers in no time. Fat Chance!

GOLFSTR+ Solutions
When I developed GOLFSTR+, professional golfers and trainers quickly pointed out 5 more uses as this training aid can be used for many more solutions than a Straight Leading Arm Trainer. Learning to play golf well is more than “a one trick pony”. There are so many unique requirements for a great game of golf. That’s why each club has its own characteristics to solve every possible combination of problems that you face in every round of golf.

GOLFSTR+ gives you the “FEELING” for swing perfection. Practice with it and enjoy the feel of 6 FIXES for every swing in your game.

I quickly realized that training with a training aid is only the starting point for great golf. When I launched GOFLSTR+, I realized that a continuous training program was needed to encourage customers to explore new ways to improve their games. To help golfers everywhere, I have created a Swing Tip Blog every week for the last 10 years. Finding useful tips from pros which I share in blogs, help me improve my game and I hope that they do the same for you too.

There are about 6000 GOLFSTR+ users. Many share their stories of success and others improve their game and then store this training aid in their bag for future use. There is always another way that golfers learn from this it. In addition to Straight Arm Backswing, it can be used for Takeaway Lag Training, Flat Wrist Backswing, Limited Wrist Lag Chipping, Flat Wrist Putting and Flat Wrist Chipping.

Like Michael Breed once commented about GOLFSTR+: It’s the ideal training aid as it has so many applications and you can just fold it up and slide it in your pocket. Golf Training Aids can work if they provide solutions for the many flaws in your game. Buy one today at www.GOLFSTR.com

Thought for the Day: Nothing straightens out a nasty slice like a sharp dogleg to the right




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