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Bruins’ Patrice Bergeron Admits Never Being ‘Satisfied’ With His Game

Patrice Bergeron announced his retirement from the National Hockey League on Tuesday ending his legendary 19-year career with the Boston Bruins.

Despite winning an NHL record six Selkes, Bergeron admitted to NESN’s Andy Brickley that he was “never really satisfied” with his game throughout his career and constantly tried to evolve his craft.

“I think I was always trying to push my limits, to be honest with you,” Bergeron told Brickley. “Throughout my career, I was never really satisfied with where I was, where my game was. I always knew I had some things to work on and things to be better at and yeah sometimes it was just like the way that it was with the team as well.”

Bergeron had scored 30 or more goals in six of his 19 NHL seasons. His career high came in the 2018-19 season when he potted 32 and the 38-year-old noted how his game changed from early on in his Bruins career after the Grade 3 concussion he suffered in 2007.

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“Early in my career, it was more offensive for me and it was a bit more the minutes and more about the offense and producing,” Bergeron acknowledged. “And then back from the injury with Claude (Julien), it was more about making sure I was taking care of my defensive side and eventually I kind of brought the two together and I think over time it kind of it built my game and kudos to Claude for making me a better defensive player and really working on that side even more.”

Given all the accolades he has received throughout his career and the milestones he’s reached, the Bruins captain still felt he needed to be better.

“You just evolve and you just find ways to try to push yourself to be better,” Bergeron said. “I always thought there were always better players than me and I think I was always motivated to be better myself.”



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