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Anthony Bowens Weighs In On John Cena Showing Max Caster Love

Anthony Bowens is happy that Max Caster, his teammate in The Acclaimed, is no longer being insulted by Internet trolls claiming he was ripping off John Cena –- a positive development that he attributed to Cena himself.

In an interview on TSC News – The Sports Courier, Bowens affirmed his relationship with Caster by noting “it would be weird if I wasn’t speaking to him every day -– he’s become a brother to me. I think he’s funny –- if you can get past his sarcasm. I think he’s a wonderful person to be around and I think you would enjoy him, too.”

Bowens was reminded of a recent bout in which Caster lifted the 340-pound Keith Lee and executed Cena’s signature Attitude Adjustment move. Bowens acknowledged his tag-team partner is “very, very strong –- he busts his ass in the gym” and pointed out that Cena voiced his appreciation of Caster’s wrestling.

“Cena is a big supporter of The Acclaimed,” Bowens continued. “He’s a big supporter of Caster –- he’s stated openly and he keeps posting about it on Instagram, which is pretty cool.”

Bowens added that Cena’s seal of approval brought silence to the social media crowd who badmouthed Caster. “I’m glad that Caster is getting that affirmation, especially since in the beginning we had the entire Internet with ‘Oh, he’s just a joke, a Cena ripoff, blah blah blah,'” he said. “To see Cena kind of clear all those negative comments away just by giving him affirmation, I think that’s super cool.”



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