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7 Best Ways to Promote NFTs (Free & Paid)

NFT marketing refers to all activities that has been set in place in order to create awareness to the public about a particular NFT project so as to increase its trade volume. It encompasses the strategies used to promote an NFT.

Advertisement is a vital tool every business needs to flourish and NFT is not exempted from the list. The NFT marketplace is a very big space and there are lots of competitions between different NFT projects. Therefore, in order to attract high sales volume for yout NFTs, you will need an outstanding marketing plan that surpasses your competitors own.

This article will reveal how you can promote your NFTs both in paid and free forms in order to get high sales volume.

How to promote NFTs

Below are the best marketing strategies that can be utilized to promote your NFTs;

1. Reach out to influencers

Influencer marketing is a way of taking your product to celebrities to advertise to their followers so as to increase the credibility of your brand. Reaching out to Influencers to promote your NFT will increase the strength of your NFT community and people will have more confidence in your work.

A good way of increasing the popularity of your NFT is by getting in touch with highly respected celebrities with good reputations and high volume of followers. Celebrities with high volume of followers do market their products directly to their fans, therefore, reaching out to these influencers can play a significant role in increasing the fame of your NFT project to attract high sales volume.

Reaching out to Influencers to promote your NFTs are not usually free and you should always budget money for such promotion. There are some influencers that may contact you for free promos and this is absolutely possible when you have an impressive artwork for your NFT project.

2. Create a good NFT Community

Community is one of the factors that determines the success of an NFT. An NFT project with one million community members will perform far better than an NFT community of just hundred thousand. A good way of building a strong NFT community is by creating social media pages such as Instagram, Twitter and Discord Network for your NFT project.

Ensure that you release high quality contents on your social media pages for your NFT project so that people can engage with your post. You should also structure out a good road map for your project and communicate them to your audiences. Whenever your fans post your contents and tag you, ensure that you repost them on your instagram story so as to build more content engagement among your fans.

3. Organize giveaways on social media

A good way of promoting your NFT project is by organizing giveaways in form of NFTs or Cryptos to the followers on your social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Discord Server. You can increase your followers by simply asking your fans to share your contents on their social media pages and invite members into your Discord Server with the reward of offering them giveaways. You should always reserve some NFTs for giveaways even after your project has been officially launched into the secondary marketplace, as giveaways are one of the keys that attracts NFT investors and improves sales volume.

4. Promote your work on NFT-based website

NFT based website are web space used for discovering NFT rarity and upcoming NFT projects. These websites possesses incredible tools that allows people to discover your work at early stages thereby increasing its popularity and credibility. Examples of these websites include Rarity.tools, Raritysniper.com, Nftdropscalender.com, Nftcalender.io and so on.

Rarity.tools is a website specifically created to check out the rarity of an NFT within its collection, however it is also useful for discovering new and upcoming NFT project. Rarity.tools allows NFT creators to summit their work so as to get listed. It currently cost about 2 ETH to get listed on Rarity.tools and you should always contact them directly on their website so as to avoid getting scammed.

Raritysnipper.com, Nftcalenderdrops.com and Nftcalender.io also have the features that allow you to list your work for promotions as upcoming NFT projects. To get featured on these websites, you will have to go directly to the website and utilize the tool available for you to upload your work. Then you will be required to fill a form about your NFT project such as the name, price, launching date, minting website, social media links and so on. After completing the form, the website administrator will get back to you with the price you need to pay to get listed.

You can also get your work featured on our website here for sponsored advertisement. 70% of our website visitors comes from NFT readers and investors, therefore getting your work featured on WrestlingGist will expose your NFT project to thousands of our daily website visitors and this will invariably increase your brand awareness. Send us an email on the “Advertise With Us” page to get your work featured on our website.

5. Get featured on OpenSea

OpenSea is the largest marketplace for NFTs and it has more than 600,000 users with a market vaule that is above $10 billion. OpenSea remains the most popular marketplace for trading NFTs with more than 80 million NFTs. With this huge data that OpenSea possesses, getting your work featured on its homepage is an incredible way to quickly increase the sales volume of your NFTs.

In order to get your NFT featured on the homepage of OpenSea; create your NFT on OpenSea, post the link to your NFT on Instagram or Twitter and tag OpenSea in your post. It is also important to include OpenSea hashtag (#OpenSea) in your post. OpenSea will review the NFTs and randomly select one to feature. It is completely free and your work will appear on the homepage of OpenSea once you are selected.

6. Make use of popular Billboards

Billboard advertisement is the use of visual graphic design to create more awareness about your brand to the public. This form of advertisement is the easiest way to expose your brand to a large population of people with just minute effort. Utizing Billboards for your NFT project will enhance maximum exposure of your brand as people do not need to login to any website or create an account in order to view your advertisement.

Your work may be displayed in images or video formats, and with the eye-catching nature of billboard advertisements, the brand awareness of your NFT will be increased. Examples of popular Billboards include Time Square New York Billboards, Dallas-Fort Worth Billboards, Arizona Billboard company and so on. Billboards are widely available all over the world in any country you may reside and its advisable to get in touch with the appropriate authorities to get your NFTs on billboards.

7. Utilize Google Ads and Campaign

Google is the largest search engine in the world with over 5 billion daily search. Google has become the instructor for many people in the world today as it has become the place where they search for what to wear, where to go, what to do, exercise to perform, business to do and so on.

Making use of Google Ads to promote your NFTs will take your work directly to investors searching for brands related to NFTs. To get started login to Ads.google.com and click on “Start Now”, then you will be directed to a page where you will choose the format of your Ads and the budget for such advertisement. The use of Google Campaigns for your project will deliver the best results to attract high sales volume for your NFTs.



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