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6 Different Types of Bowling Experiences

Considering adding bowling to your business? There are many different types of bowling experiences and each are best suited for particular venues. No matter your business, there’s a unique experience you can add to differenciate yourself from the competition. Make bowling that unique experience and watch those profits come in. Here are the 6 different types of bowling experiences to think about:

Traditional bowling puts bowling first. While many businesses with traditional bowling may also offer billiards, game rooms, arcades in some cases and a bar, the focus of the business is bowling. In many cases, food is not much of a focus with a limited menu available. However, drinks play a big role in overall revenue for the business. This is best suited for the classic bowling alley

Flex Lanes can be adjusted and customized to fit any non traditional bowling venue. These are extremely unique, allowing nearly any business to bring bowling to customers. Regulation size lanes and approaches just simply don’t fit for the non-traditional bowling venue. If you didn’t think you could consider adding bowling to your business before, now you can with our Flex Lanes.

Flex Lanes by Funk offers:

  • Full-sized balls and pins
  • Full-sized pinsetters
  • Flexible lane length and approach layout
  • Flexible design and style to match location

Our duckpin bowling option is for businesses that haven’t traditionally offered bowling to their customers. It is similiar to mini bowling, in the sense that the lanes are shorter and narrower. The ball is also much smaller and meant to fit in a persons hand. This option is perfect for breweries, large bars and restaurants, hotels and much more. It’s the perfect differentiator amoungst the competition. 

Our mini bowling option is great for businesses who want to add a bowling experience, but don’t have the space for full sized lanes. Funk mini bowling lanes bring the speed and efficiency that come with all of our products. Specifically, Funk’s renowned string pinsetter technology is used in mini bowling projects. This results in reliable and fast gameplay. Mini bowling is great for bars, hotels, restaurants and other non-traditional bowling alleys.   

Our 9-Pin Bowling lanes serve every purpose for competitive use and our tournament-control desk ensures all league requirements and even enables an online live-ticker. They can be used recreationally, as well, with our brand new system we’ve developed.This system brings all the traditional 9-pin bowling games to a digital, user-friendly interface. Our product offers 12 uniqe game modes for all ages and skill levels. It’s great for younger players as well with our automatic bumper system.

Funk has help so many clients create the home bowling experience they have been dreaming of. We can help bring your dream to life too! Our residential bowling package is completely customized to fit your home’s space and design. As a manufacturer, we can make nearly any personalized product to fit the look and feel of your home.

  • We’ll work directly with your interior designer.
  • We manufacture the equipment.
  • Our experienced crew installs the alley.

Choose Your Bowling Experience

Understand your ideal client and your venue. There are many options to choose from and you’ll want to be sure to make the best choice. Your creativity and personal preferences are key in developing a unique and exciting bowling experience that your customers won’t forget. Give us a call today and we’ll guide you in the right direction.



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