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5 Reasons You Are Incredibly Awesome

Let’s face it. We all have days when we do not feel positive, when life takes a difficult direction, or when we are not feeling our best. Even the most positive people struggle with the daily grind and the highs and lows of life. Sometimes it is okay to feel a little off kilter, or to have an emotion that is not explicitly positive. We grow and learn a lot from those moments and they bring us to a better understanding of who we are.

When you feel down, or maybe just not as hopeful as usual, here are five incredibly awesome reminders how to make your life as incredibly awesome as you can. They rejuvenate you so that you can continue in your journey with joy in your heart.

Your Unique Spirit

It should come as no surprise that you have a unique and special spirit about you that sheds light on those around you. It may be the way you smile, your dubious wisdom, or that glint in your eye when a new idea comes to mind. The exact description of your spirit can never be filtered down to mere words. Suffice it to say that you are the only person who sees the world the way that you do. Do not waste precious time trying to be like anyone else. Your unique spirit helps others find a positive spark in themselves.

Your Contribution

Whatever roles you play in life, you are a contributor. As a student, parent, caregiver, employee, sibling, spouse, friend, significant other, or professional, you make a significant contribution to the world around you. How you fulfill your roles is completely up to you, but to be incredibly awesome in this category, bring your unique spirit into the relationships in your life to help create a positive atmosphere for those around you. You may not realize it, but others depend upon you. While there is much strife and negativity in the world, you can be the shining light.

Your Talent

What is your talent? This question is not always easy to answer. It took me 50 years before I finally realized mine, and that is to motivate and inspire others through my role as a martial artist, and by using positivity. I knew all my life that I wanted to be a writer. Lack of confidence held me back for many years. I often wondered if I was good enough a writer to ever be published. Once I took a leap of faith and tried, I discovered that I truly did have a talent for motivating others and for writing. Don’t be blind to the things that you do well. Talents must rise to the surface because we tend to bury them in our lack of belief in ourselves. Open your mind and your heart and see what talents come to light.

Your Purpose

I am sure that you know we all have a purpose in life. While my talents center around motivating others, martial arts, and writing, my true purpose I believe is to make the world a better place. All my talents, hopes, and dreams collide into this one greater truth. I do what I do because I believe it can make a difference. Once you understand your talents, you can decipher your mission. Think of it all as a puzzle that requires a few key pieces to make it all come together, and that is truly awesome.

Your Goals

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on StockSnap

I always stress that you must write down your goals if you truly want them to come to fruition. It is not enough to whisper them in your mind. Writing them down memorializes what you truly want in your life and serves as a reminder and roadmap for your life. Your goals may overlap those of other people, but many will be specific to who you are, and will touch upon your unique spirit, your contribution, your talent, and your purpose. While many people want to be martial artists, for example, each has a different reason for wanting to acquire a black belt. For some, it is personal achievement, for others a dream of owning a martial art school, and still for others, it is the opportunity to overcome an obstacle, or learn a self-defense. Your goal then is not just to learn martial arts, but to become the best you can be, or earn an income doing what you love, creating self-empowerment, or protecting yourself. Be specific in your goals and tailor them to what you truly want to achieve. They are yours, and yours alone, to accomplish. You can do it!

There are a million reasons why you are incredibly awesome. Do not forget how incredibly valuable you are to the world around you. Use the reminders above whenever you struggle with an issue or difficulty. Be refreshed to know that you are, truly,  incredibly awesome.




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