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2022 Pan Am Games | Gymtruthteller’s Blog

The US is in the first session of 3 for the juniors and 4 for the Seniors. Brazil of course is in the last session. It amuses me that a team that didn’t even make the last Olympics is expected to beat the US team (according to the fans) There are apparently no final Event Finals for the woman. They will be awarded during the prelims. That is just stupid.

Ladies Junior Results [Team] [ All Around– Final ] Junior [Event Finalists qualification] [Video] Winners [Event Finals] Men’s Junior Results [Team] [AA][Event Finalists]

Ladies Senior Results: Qulifications (US team ONLY] [Team] [All Around] [Event Finals] [Video Subdivision 1 : Video: Zeiss {AA-Gymnastea} Andrade (VT-UB-BB) Flavia (AA-Gymnastea) Dicello (AA) Skye Blakely (AA) Ladies Team [Results]

The US starts on Uneven Bars at 23.21 (Doing this on a phone not sure how well it will work) Zeiss, (13,633) started out with good feet form. Deteriorated fast. Messy. Dicello,(13.600) had issues, stalled in middle of routine. Looked sluggish. Feet together better than Zeiss. Coming back from injury… Miller, (14.133) Actually had a much better routine from her than her usual routine but it was still messy form, missed handstands, not sure what that dismount was… Blakely wasn’t shown. Beam starts at, 49.27.. Zeiss, (13.400) Lots of bent knees, questionable leaps. A few small bobbles. She works very slowly. That was a hit, I don’t think she’s competed much internationally if at all but I feel like the Worlds judges are going to crucify all her little issues. She kind of reminds me of Maggie Nichols before she learned to straighten a leg after her skills so it looked like she fixed her form but she never really did. Only this one doesn’t straighten the legs. I don’t want to be mean. This was a great rookie routine for her and she stayed on… Dicello, (11.733) Useless mount rated a C, Triple wolf turn. I daydreamed, off on her two layouts, bobble on leap, touches the beam on an attempted leap. Blakely (12.300)Silivas like mount. Bobble on Wolf. 2.5.. And she’s off the beam on her front tuck (after her front handspring). I’m bored. Mueller… (12.167) (Not shown) Floor starts at 105.40.. I am assuming this is Mueller since it’s not Zeiss? (13.067) Lots of sloppy twisting. Horrible choreography that just misses the music. Please get this kid a better choreographed routine because she actually had some presentation and potential artistry. She also has great leaps.. Blakely (13.267) Please take this shit choreography to college, Skye. Sloppy form on tumbling. She has clean leps and jumps but this choreography is so horrid it just takes away from anything she might do well… Dicello [Video] 13.467… Very bent knees in the double layout, Triple wolf, cheated leap, sloppy third pass (form wise) sloppy double tuck but stuck. Not sure of her Choreography either but it’s better than the last two. Music seems too slow for a floor routine. …. Zeiss (13.233) Again with the choreography. Not a bad dancer perse, she sells the routine but.. Maybe it’s me. #ArtistryIsDead.. Vault starts at 135.48… Dicello (13.167) Mueller (13.567) Really Sloppy leg form 1.5.. Zeiss (13.933) (Sloppy DTY form wise) Blakely (13.433) Short, DTY. The first 3 girls had great landings.

Junior Qualification [Video]

(In the video the US starts Floor at 12.33) Dulcy has bad form in her tumbling and no artistry to speak of but she isn’t a bad dancer exactly.Her dance skills weren’t perfect but she has the potential to fix that.. Brooke has potential in the artistry department but a low start value(5.0) Her choreography doesn’t help her here. The routine was well done I just feel like if she had better choreography she could really shine.. Alicia started with a double pike; you know how I feel about that. She’s not a dancer either but has the potential to improve in that area. I liked her choreography better than Brooke but she isn’t a great dancer… Again, Tiana, Messy double layout is not a great dancer but has potential. :I will say these juniors have a lot more potential than the juniors who turned seniors in the last 2 years. That seems to be it for the woman. The rest seems to be a bunch of Brazilian men. Glad I didn’t get up for this shit.

Juniors are Thursday. Seniors Friday.

[Official website] [Results] [Team Start Lists from Twitter] [Live video] (You need to click on the actual link tomorrow. This is their youtube page) More [Live Video]



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